Classics Set

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Our Classics Series is a great gift for the alcohol lover in your life. Consisting of a bottle of all three of our original small batch products, there's something for everyone.

Our classical small batch Gin is perfect neat, smooth with classic juniper and citrus notes, or indeed holds very well in cocktails.

Our vodka is an exceptionally pure and natural spirit perfect for vodka lovers and as a base for long drinks. Finally, if neither gin or vodka aren't your thing, our white corn moonshine may hit the spot.

White corn, malted caramel barley and little wheat provide a high strength spirit with hints of toffee, caramel and sweet corn! An increasingly popular spirit amongst our whisky fans, this spirit is perfect over ice and is complemented with ginger beers or colas!!


Classic Dry Gin - 43% ABV 

Classic Moonshine - 45% ABV 

Classic Vodka - 40% ABV 

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