American White Oak Mini spiral

American White Oak Mini spiral

  • £9.99

Our mini spiral offer a unique and personal way to add both colour and flavour to your spirit. Each mini stave is milled from seasoned American White Oak and toasted to perfection. Once toasted the staves are then charred to either light, medium or heavy char to caramelize those sugars and create the charcoal surface layer perfect for pulling those rich amber colours and woody notes from the mini stave. 

This product works extremely well with our Black Bridge Moonshine and creates flavours and notes similar to those found in aged rums and bourbons. Oak aged moonshine is one not to be missed!!!

Directions for Use:  Take a bottle of either our Black Bridge Moonshine or even Small Batch Gin and pour yourself a double! Add the mini spiral to the remaining spirit and seal the bottle.....and wait. Typically colour and flavour will start to impart after two weeks but will need longer to really pull those caramel and vanilla notes out. Ideally 6 months but taste regularly to find your 'sweet' spot! The process can be hastened by transferring the bottle from areas of hot and cold to simulate the seasonal variations of the rick house! 

Finally, the spiral can be used a second or third time for a slower more mellow maturation but typically takes 6-12 months depending on the levels  of maturation you are after.

(Note: Mini Oak Spirals will visually differ from computer generated images seen, this is a wood product)